Awakening off-the-grid holidays

Project #1

[Status: Ended]



Awakening off-the-grid holidays in Argentina’s Patagonia.



Our first hub was located in Argentina's Patagonia completely off-the-grid, on the Southernmost part of the world. Nearest airport was El Calafate, a 3hs flight from Buenos Aires. After the flight we had a 4hs drive, including 100km of dirt road.


Our approach


The Hotel

This was our home for the season and we welcomed our guests there, we refurbished an iconic Estancia located in the Lake San Martin area, it's main house is where we had all our private cozy rooms.

Something different to what the region offers especially considering we only had 3 hours a day of electricity, but our guests loved that.

Besides from the location, the experience that we provided, and how, is what made us different. 

A young and relaxed service with world class quality standards.


our activities



A paradise for those who love to get lost and explore untouched wilderness. More than 8 trails of all sorts of difficulty that will fitted everyone, from kids to serious athletes.



We were not a fishing lodge but we all enjoyed spending a few hours fishing every now and then. Fishing lessons were offered for those who were completely new to this. 



One of our favorite activities, trying to spot Andean Condors was probably one of the most fun challenge while hiking. Patagonia is full of unique birds that somehow manage to survive in such a rough weather.



Having a BBQ under a starred night was one of the many benefits from camping in such a remote location. Spending the night in Argentina’s Patagonia wilderness is only for the truly adventurous. 


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Mountain Biking

Ideal to go for a ride and enjoy both fresh air and breathtaking views. We'll have 4 to 6 bikes of all sizes to explore the surroundings. Our all terrain truck assisted our guests taking all the provisions needed to spend a day outdoors.



Learn the secrets of Argentine food with us. A mix of Argentine cuisine and our chef's own signature dishes is what defined our family style food. 90% of the ingredients used were from our own cattle and garden


Besides from the breathtaking views, this Estancia was famous for its history. The Lively brothers were the first owners of this Estancia, actually the first settlers of the area. Mr. Joseph Lively arrived to the Lake San Martin in 1902, thanks to Francisco ''Perito'' Moreno who conceded them the land right before the territorial dispute between Argentina and Chile. Thanks to the Lively family Argentina owns part of the San Martin lake, which flows through Chile into the Pacific ocean.

The current owners of La Maipu kept Joseph’s cabin as a museum. When you visit the cabin it will take you back through time into to the old, and even wilder, Patagonia where just natives and a few adventurous foreigners lived. Come and discover the story of authentic Patagonic pioneers.