Awakening off-the-grid holidays

Besides from the location, the experience that we provide, and how, is what makes us different. 

A young and relaxed service with world class quality standards.

our activities



A paradise for those who love to get lost and explore untouched wilderness. At La Maipú we have more than 8 trails of all sorts of difficulty that will fit everyone, from kids to serious athletes.

Our prefered hike is La Condorera, which takes approximately 8hs both ways to reach the peak of this beautiful mountain where Andean Condors nest.



We are not a fishing lodge but we all enjoy spending a few hours fishing every now and then.

Lake San Martin is full of trouts of all kinds, just grab one of our fishing kits and you'll see. Advanced fishermen can either bring their own equipment.

We'll also be hosting fishing classes for those who are completely new to this. 



Half a day in La Maipu is enough for you to start listening and appreciating all the different types of birds we have here.

One of our favourite activities is quietly watching these birds and recognising their songs.

If you are lucky you'll also see the Maca Tobiano, endangered in Argentina mainly because of deforestation.



Depending on the weather, we love to go camping. Specially when we decide to go for long hikes where makes sense to spend the night somewhere along the way.

We have high-quality tents and sleeping bags for everyone. Our chef will delight you with authentic and fresh Argentine cuisine in unique setups.

Trust us: having a BBQ under a starred night is one of the many experiences you will never forget.



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Mountain Biking

Go for a ride and enjoy both fresh air and breathtaking views. We'll have 4 to 6 bikes of all sizes to explore the surroundings.

You can either grab some and go on your own or join us on a our full day tours, exploring some of the 45.000 hectares with our bikes.

Our all terrain pick up will asisst us taking all the provisions we need and our guests belongings. 



Learn the secrets of Argentine food with us.

A mix of Argentine cuisine and our chef's own signature dishes is what defines our family style food. 

90% of the ingredients used are from our own cattle and garden (including wild ingredients that grow here like Calafate, Rhubarb or Morchellas) . Any product that we can't produce we source it from local suppliers.


Don't worry we've got your back, once your booking is confirmed we'll send you an email with all the details of your booking plus what you need to pack to make the most of your stay. Bringing layers is important in Patagonia as the weather might change quickly throughout your day.

To be honest is just packing what you would normally pack to spend a few days in the mountain but we'll give you a few additional tips based on the weather and the activities that we provide. We also have a small boutique just in case you forget anything essential.

No special vaccines, medication or fitness preparation is needed for Patagonia.