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We want to share our experience with more people so we are looking for volunteers who want to spend time in a unique location while working part time. We think this program is ideal for pretty much anyone, whether you are a professional who wants to focus on a certain project, a photographer who wants to spend a couple of months in Patagonia taking pictures or just a random person who is looking for a break from the city or to see something different. You'll need to help us with all sorts of tasks, from washing dishes to starting a fire. Whoever this is, will need to be with us between 2 and 3 months in our first location in Santa Cruz, Argentina.


Since we are on an off-the-grid location it's important to understand the kind of job that we are asking and that you are commiting to stay in a remote location for at least 2 months. These are the main conditions:

  • 4 hours work per day
  • Accommodation during your stay
  • Transport from/to El Calafate airport
  • Travel insurance paid by the volunteer

Perks of working with us:

  • All meals are prepared by our Head of Cuisine
  • Access to all activities provided to our guests
  • Satellite wifi to chat with family and friends
  • 1 free day per week
  • If you have any hobbie and you are willing to provide some sort of workshop, let us know

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