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Why we do it?

A new way of thinking is required. We will find no solution to the ecological problems unless we take a serious look at our lifestyles so we need to redefine what luxury means. At Permanence we use the trendy travel industry to pop into authentic experiences.

That’s where we come in.



Contact us if you think of any way of partner our company with yours. We want to partner up with brands that share our values, like-minded companies, in order to create a bigger impact.

If we want a sustainable future, we need to work TOGETHER.

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One of the main reasons why we do it. Conservation is only the means to an end, a temporal solution until we find out how to live in harmony with the environment.

Keeping unaltered wildness only to have a baseline, so we never forget what the real world is like—in perfect balance, the way nature intended the earth to be.

We are relying on the energy of these places to start shifting the way we, but also our guests, live towards a balanced future.


core TEAM

We are two friends who have known each other for, at least, 15 years. We come from the same town of the suburbs of Buenos Aires but we all have different backgrounds and took different professional routes.

Facu Maroñas is responsible for one of our pillars, food. This means that during the projects he is taking care of the kitchen and everything related to that (cattle, organic garden, etc) After working more than 6 years in Argentina and France, he comes with a simple approach of using the freshest ingredients we have available to represent a mix of traditional Argentine and international food.

Facu Yacuzzi is responsible for keeping the project on track, finding new opportunities and exploring options to expand our positive impact. He lived 4 years in London working on digital advertising agencies for clients such us Jaguar, RayBan and Chivas Regal among others before starting Permanence.

We both share the passion for spending time outside in the nature, staying active as much as we can and enjoying a good glass of wine over some food with friends.

That's what we want to do with Permanence, share our experiences and show the

Facundo Yacuzzi //  Head of Marketing, Sales & New Biz

Facundo Yacuzzi // Head of Marketing, Sales & New Biz

Facundo Maroñas de Bardeci //  Head of Cuisine

Facundo Maroñas de Bardeci // Head of Cuisine